Meeting notes 11/02/11

Notes from the Meetings.

Meeting notes 11/02/11

Postby Chiscringle » Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:26 am

Meeting called to order at 7PM

President’s report: Halloween was awesome and everyone agrees (Secretary: Rawr). Vouchers end next week, so if you have anything you want that’s Forum related, think fast because we’ll be barred soon. Our next event is the Magic draft this Friday at 7 in Union 226. Adele is thanked for putting up flyers. Howie is running it and the event is free. Liz will then be running a battle for the prettiest of princesses. Festivus will be on December 3 (Saturday) and shall be allocated for and there shall be Quiznos Seaport Deli in abundance. It will be run by Colleen (Charles). Anya is thanked for making the Halloween flyers, Ian for getting the candy and the blokes who made the trivia game for doing so.

VP: We need a vacuum and JMaxx is bringing it. Saturday is cleaning day and rearrange the forum day. If you want to be involved in how the forum will be arranged, you must first clean it.

Treasurer: Allocations to come. Two, come to Evan with itemized things that you want for the forum.

Secretary: Render unto the Forum your photos of the Forum and its Forumites. We have a gap from 2006- to the present and this must be rectified, remedied and reduced. Go to the top of the 4M group page and there will be three tabs. The center of these is the photo tab. When in the photo tab, there will be albums and a button in the top righthand corner. If there is no album for what you have a picture of (time period or event, for instance), press the button and make the album by putting pictures in it. If there is an album, go into it and the top righthand button will put pictures. For those who cannot find the tab: I know you have photos. I have seen many of them. If you won’t be an AC or a Shiftholder, at least give this in tribute to the might and majesty of the thing which you probably spend most of your off time in. Also go to and improve the wiki. Many members are not listed. Feel free to add yourself. That’s how most of us got in there.

Librarian: I have gone and now the library is in disrepair. Talk to Vince, Mitch or V. Paul about RM. Many other shiftholders besides know its secrets. Go to the Shiftholder group page for V. Paul’s list of things to know and ask about RM.
Prime’s note to the shiftholders and useful forumites in general: If there is a box on the table near the library desk with a sticky note on it, do as the sticky note instructs. Do not put the box aside. The box means that some people have already done work related to the box and want the people coming in later to continue the work being done. For the shiftholders especially, this is the main body of your job. Books must be put in their places and the Prime will not hesitate to take that table over completely if it means getting one donation done before the next arrives.

AC: …

SACFL: October’s movies are coming soon after a shipping mixup. In a few days we’ll have Priest, 20,000 Leagues and Robotcop 3. Game to be handled by Pete.

Historian: Howie told us of the legendary days when the Librarian and Shiftholders were in synchronicity and both were useful together.


PR: Adele hung posters for the Magic draft and there was much rejoicing.
Howie: We’re having a draft. Show up. More will be explained at the time.

Fundraising: Funds rose unto the heavens, higher than the firmament and deeper than the abyss.

Authors: Robert Leeshock is coming on the 29th. There will be further showings of God Machine. Thursday around 7 and Friday twice at times not yet determined.

New business:
There’s a Let’s Not See Twilight party later this month at the same time as the release of the movie.

Heroes Vs. Villains players should do something as their inactivity is becoming a nuisance. If nothing happens by week’s end, the game is being put on hold.

New systems game night November 18. The source books are now in our reference section. Games: All Flesh Must be Eaten (Zombie Don), Paranoia(Reuben), Call of Cthulu(Cthulu), Danger Patrol(Evan), Leverage RPG(Mitch), Masterminds(David), OPIGS(Ian)

Prettiest Princess – With the rash of PPPing in the Forum, it is now impossible to know who is the prettiest possible princess. There will be a battle of evening gowns to decide. Categories include poise, posture, grace and brutality. Feel free to bring your own Boffers, but they will also be provided.

$166.77 for books
232.90 for DVDs
$150 to Home Depot for Boffer and Star Trek
Up to $200 to Seaport Deli for Festivus
$80 to Dominoes for the gaming event

Old business:

The Philosophy Club event is on hiatus, but will occur.


On the 5th of November, there will be a night marathon of V for Vendetta and Back to the Future.

Go Club, the Forum, LGBTA, Animated and many more are doing a game night. There will be food, hopefully. The 21st, Ballroom B, 7PM.

November 11, Fishman is having a movie event.

Meeting closed at 7:50 PM
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