Meeting Notes 3/17/11

Notes from the Meetings.

Meeting Notes 3/17/11

Postby acicc » Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:06 pm

Meeting Opens: 6:57

President’s Report: We got shelves today. We’re getting more from Ikea. We’re getting a computer. The craft center invited us to participate in a street fair. We have to RSVP by the 30th. The forum is completely inaccessible at the moment due to all of the rearranging we’ve done today and is closed until further notice. The only people who have access are E-board members.

VP in absentia: Clean.

Treasurer: Dew Fund is canceled, it causes drama. When the phone rings answer it acceptable greetings is: This is the science fiction forum your music is bad and you should feel as such., Forum response. Don’t shout. Allocations.
Secretary: The forum has been really negative lately, which is a bummer. We should try to be less mean to each other. Not nice, just less mean (if you’re going to leave marks not in a place that shows).

Head Ac: We got a lot of shit done. Philosophy club event went well, we watched Gattaca. Dodgeball against the LGBTA next week during campus lifetime. Zombie movies will be shown in conjunction with HVZ. We will watch all of our horror movies after that. ICON will happen.

SubAC: Movies.

Historian: We discovered a box of secrets including Log 65.

Authors: Something in the works.

PR: Vince wants to advertise.

Old Business: Shower.

New Business: Forum is closed. Aaron will be bringing a couch next week. Dew Fund is canceled. Allocations: Entertainment center. HDMI cables. Computer stuff. DVD sleaves. (all allocations pass)


Santos: PO Alain Shaberger, 84 precinct patrol borough Brooklyn North-NYPD died in the line of duty. His funeral is to be held at Chapey’s Funeral home Friday March 18 at 0930 hours at 200 E. Mainstreet, E. Islip NY. If you have friends or family who are FD EMS LEO or Military please tell them to wear class A uniforms for the service. Internment will be held at LI National cemetery. 2040 Wellwood Ave Farmindale, NY. Santos will attend with 75th precinct. E NY.
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