Notes from the Meetings.


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Meeting Opens: 7:00

President’s report: We went to budget meeting. It was useless. We need next year’s budget in by March 1. Next week I’ll reserve our room. Card reader will be working soon. Some of you are on it, some are not. There’s only one way to find out.

Vice President’s Report: Keep the room clean, we’ll be getting weekly inspections so keep the room clean and don’t block the exit.

Treasurer’s report: I hate Amazon, USG. We have allocations.

Secretary: Hi, as per usual I am your secretary.

Librarian: We’re shifting a lot. We have nine shelves left to shift and relatively few boxes left. You should shift and shelve.

Head Ac: Evangelion screening with the anime club after meeting. I’m working on allocations, and I need Sub Ac’s. Next week we’ll watch a Bill and Ted’s Great adventure with the Philosophy club. We’re Stocking up on boxes for Regatta. Next week we’ll show Ghost in the Shell with or without the anime club.

Sub Ac: Movies are in. Diner.

Historian: George Chin’s underwear. Use the Wiki. I found this song, and it’s as relevant today as it was when it was written:

I picked up your stuff from the floor

Hurrah, Hurrah

I cleaned up the forum and shelved the shit

Hurrah, Hurrah

Your clothes have been shelved

the same as the books

Let’s keep the rug clean and improve our looks

Or we’ll all get screwed when

Someone important comes down.

J-Max: Forum used to have an in house newsletter. We’ll restart it contact me with submissions at Jmaximum@verizon.net

Logo Committee: We’re still waiting on submissions.

Author’s Committee: Come up with authors you want.

Old Business: Put money in for sodas. We now have water. Clean.

New Business:

Barry: Minecraft server. We made a replica of the forum in minecraft. We need to shelve. Paul and I are thinking of becoming a Trader Joes delivery service. This past week Scifi has lost Nicholas Courney and Wayne Mcduffy.

Today was the last flight of Spaceshuttle Discovery.

Aaron: Sherlock Holmes and Harry Houdini script picked up by Bab 5 creator.

Vince: We’re gonna paint the forum.

Nat: Allocations Lightbulbs. Battlestar Galactica. Duct Tape.


If you want to work for RPG track for Icon contact Dave Greenfield.

Puck: LGBTA meeting

Vince: Ark of the covenant for the regatta.

Closes 7:38
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