Meeting Notes: 9/23/10

Notes from the Meetings.

Meeting Notes: 9/23/10

Postby acicc » Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:39 pm

Meeting Called to order at 7:00pm

President’s Report: The involvement fair was last week. It was successful, as evidenced by all the new people here. Our Halloween party will take place on Thursday October 28. We are taking ideas for activities at the party. USG is running a leadership meeting that David and I will attend.

Vice President’s Report: What’s up with the website?

Aaron- I’ve been buys lately, but progress is being made and the website should be fully operational again soon. There is also no risk of losing content, everything is backed up.

Vp:Earlier this week the Union had an event that the forum was supposed to participate in. Unfortunately, nobody bothered to represent the forum even though table space at the event was reserved for us. We need people to run events like this! Also, I spoke to Charlie and we’ll soon have keys to the forum. We’re only going to get four keys at most, though. Finally, I am shocked that you people have kept our space clean. This means food will not have to be banned in the forum. However, aquafina bottles still remain, so I’m not going to fully congratulate you guys.

Treasurer: We have this grant right here (holds up grant). I appreciate the effort that has been put into it to make it bigger and better. Here’s what the grant will cover: bookshelves, bookshelf assembly, a new couch, an entertainment center, a cabinet, bookcases, a vacuum, a dehumidifier, an air purifier, an HDTV, a DVD/VHS recorder, a new library computer, a thermometer, a portable DVD player, headphones, an HDMI switch and cables, power outletts, a Universal remote. So, let’s vote on this now. The grant passesAlso, we are allocating for a PS3. The allocation passes

Librarian: Shifts start Monday. If you don’t know when you’re scheduled for, you can check on the facebook page. We still need more volunteers though. I would like the doubles to be shelved, so Shiftholders should start doing that.

Head AC: The forum needs off campus storage. It shouldn’t be too costly. I lent some DVDs to a woman from the Craft Center who also ran the afformentioned Union event. Those DVDs were stolen. The woman will replace them for us and has filed a police report.

Drow proceeds to smack Roman on the wrist three times. Once for every DVD of his that was stolen.

Sub AC: I brought in new movies last week. I’m perturbed that we broke our own rules and lent out DVDs which were subsequently stolen. I am going to have to reinstitute my checks. I ran the first episode of season two of my Doctor Who/Torchwood game. It was a success.Historian: Back in 2004 I began donating DVDs to the forum. Many of the DVDs the forum has have come from me. Due to USG weirdness, I do not receive any tax deductions for these donations. That is why I care so much about the forum’s DVD collection. New Logo Committee: Julia submitted a new logo, you can look at it here or on the facebook page. If you like this logo we’ll start using it.

Old Business: Clean!


Aaron: Next Thursday, after meeting, I will be screening Sharktopus followed by BatmanXXX. You must be over 18 to attend. Paul: Next Friday I’m bringing in my Xbox 360 so we can play Halo Reach.

Meeting Closes at 7:58pm.
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